November, 2016
Article from the Rapaport Magazine

“Last year, we did really well with diamond earring jackets to enhance studs, so we have an earring jacket promotion for 2016. We just took on a designer called Shy Creation. They work with single-cut diamonds but they’re set very well and they have really big looks for a lower price point. We do a lot of bridal, so we’re always keeping loose diamonds in stock. We also have the newer kind of illusion setting for tennis bracelets that is amazing. It looks like you have three times the size of your diamonds. So it’s a good price point.

“We’re doing some bridal events during the holiday and there will be some sales. And we are sending out postcards with snap-outs that have dollar values on them to entice customers to come in and shop. They were pretty successful in 2015. We’re always doing something on social media, every couple of days. One of the collections we carry, Shy Creation, has been hot. It’s very trendy price-point fashion jewelry.”
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November, 2016
November Issue of Instore Magazine features our stunning Fashion Rings.


January 22, 2016


January 26, 2015

press-page-jckmarketplace-jan27-2015The alluring amazonite ring is featured in JCK Marketplace article “50 Enticing Jewels to Prep You for JCK Tucson 2015”. Shy Creation’s item SC36213010 consists of 0.27ct of round brilliant diamonds surrounding 3.35ct of green amazonite on solid 14k gold. This design is also available with amethyst, smokey topaz, and white topaz center stones. See our featured design and much more at the upcoming JCK Tucson Show February 2-6.

December 15, 2014
The end of 2014 is near, a time that we look forward to the new year and look back at the old. Brittany Siminitz, JCK Marketplace manager, recaps the year with a list of favorites in her article “The JCK Marketplace Top 40: 2014’s Best-Loved Jewels”. One of her top picks is item SC48003307 from Shy’s natural yellow diamond collection. This stunning ring features a 7.47ct oval shape natural yellow center diamond and 2.61ct of natural yellow and white side diamonds, all mounted on solid 18k gold. Not to mention, the ring slickly converts into an equally eye-catching pendant for double the glamor.


December, 2014

December Issue of Instore Magazine features one of our own handsomely crafted cuff links from the popular Manno Collection. Item SC28023062 features 1.08ct of white and champagne diamonds on solid 14k white gold; also available in rose gold. See the entire Manno Collection.


October 22, 2014
SC55001136In “The Statement Single: 11 Earrings to Wear Alone or Mix and Match,” Brittany Siminitz, JCK Marketplace manager, comments on mixing and matching new stylish earrings, “Because it’s not necessarily about the ‘it’ piece, it’s about the style – a style that I can call my own, and you should encourage your customers to do the same. A pair of earrings – pricey or a bargain – should be versatile, if not an everyday basic.” She selects one of Shy Creation’s styles, SC55001136, as an example. This dangling earring design from the popular Kate Collection is made with 0.65ct diamonds on 14k gold and is available to order in white, yellow, and rose gold.

October, 2014
October Issue of Instore Magazine features our stunning 14k white gold diamond bridge bangle SC47003354. Look for this design in white, yellow, and rose gold, along with the matching earrings and rings.

September 5, 2014


In honor of Forrest Gump’s 20th anniversary, see our award winning design featured on JCK Marketplace “These Chocolate Gemstone Jewels are the Sweetest Thing This Fall” by Brittany Siminitz. Chocolate diamond and gemstone jewelry remind us all that life is truly like a box of chocolates.

May 6, 2014


In “Britt’s Pick: Shy Creation’s Ring is 2 Trends in 1,” JCK Marketplace manager comments on Shy’s ring design from the new Kate Collection: “[…] Shy Creation hits two popular looks of today in one fell swoop with its 14k yellow gold ring. It’s sort of stacking band–meets full-finger ring–meets nail embellishment in one, so perhaps that’s three? When sized properly, the top band, with a smooth, polished finish, sits at the tippy top of the finger, its diamond-encrusted tab laying atop the fingernail for a wonderfully blingy (and instantly removable) manicure. The second band, connected by a gold chain that travels down the finger, is rounded with channel-set diamonds. This is one of those pieces that, though fairly subtle and small in size, has enough going on to make someone stop and have a look. It’s a conversation starter, and for those who want to indulge in a sweet little trend like yours truly, it’s affordable enough to do so without feeling too guilty.

January 24, 2014

Six Shy Creation designs have been nominated for the JCK Jewelers Choice Awards 2013. Thank you to all our customers who voted in this accredited nationwide competition. It is an exciting start to the new year!





January 27, 2013
Diamond bridge ring as seen in JCK Magazine “57 Jewels Not to Miss at JCK Tucson”.


December 10, 2013
Diamond and green garnet ring as seen in JCK Magazine “JCK Tucson Preview: 8 Colored Stones Jewels to See at the New Show”


August 2013
Rough-cut and round brilliant diamond ring as seen in the “New Arrivals: Alternative Bridal” column of the August 2013 issue of Instore Magazine.

May 22, 2013
Natural fancy yellow and pink diamond ring as seen in JCK Magazine “5 New Diamond Engagement Rings Debuting in Vegas”

March 2013
Natural fancy yellow cushion cut diamond earring wins JCK Jewelers Choice Award in the category for Colored Diamond Jewelery over $10,000.

January 14, 2013
18k white gold fancy scalloped diamond necklace as seen in JCK Magazine “Get the Jewelry Look: The 2013 Golden Globes”

October 17, 2012
Shy Creation’s classic black and white diamond heart ring as seen in JCK Magazine “It’s All Black and White: Contrasting Diamond Jewelry

May 2011
Our own Kathy Dayan shares her expert merchandising opinion with JCK Magazine in their online article “Show Stoppers”.

December 22, 2010
Shy Creation designs are nominated for the 2011 JCK Jewelers Choice Award in 3 different categories: Best Colored Diamond Jewelry over $10,000, Best Colored Diamond Jewelry $2,500-10,000, and Best Necklace Design under $2,500. Vote for your favorite designs today!